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Innovation strategy

innovation is creating value from ideas. But if we don't know where we going, there's a good chance we'll end up somewhere else. So we need some kind of strategy, a clear, focused direction for innovation activity


That's also important because even the largest organisation doesn't have infinite resources. We can't do everything. As a start-up, we only get one shot so strategy is very much a make or break question.  But for any organisation it’s really important to be clear where we are going, what we're doing and why.


And it’s important to remember that we are dealing with an uncertain future.  We don’t know if our technology will actually work, we can’t be sure that the market we expect will actually be there, we may be surprised by the actions of competitors or governments – in fact, the only thing we can be sure of is that things will be unpredictable. 


These activities can help explore the strategic context for innovation and the challenges in developing a resilient strategic approach


Click on the links to find particular activities for this theme or browse the A-Z list

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Exploring innovation strategies

Forces for innovation

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Knowledge mapping

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