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Activities: P-R


Here you can find a variety of activities on the subject of innovation. They range from individual projects and reflection frameworks to group level activities suitable for workshops or classroom settings.

Flying Paper Airplane

Paper aeroplane

The paper aeroplane exercise.

Go Team

Partner Search

Think about your firm and other players in the sector. It is possible to gain strategic advantage through technological change – but very often the problem arises of lack of key resources to follow through on a chosen strategy.

Image by freddie marriage

Patterns of Discontinuous Innovation

An activity for looking further at discontinuous innovation.

Image by Khashayar Kouchpeydeh


The red-blue exercise.

Image by UX Indonesia

Process Mapping

An activity for identifying opportunities for process innovation.

Working Together on Project

Project management

A game designed to develop awareness around the need for project management and the elements involved

Image by Nick Fewings

Recollecting Creativity

An activity for investigating creativity.

Image by Noman Shahid

Rich Pictures

An activity for applying the Rich Pictures tool.

Image by Brendan Steeves


A tool for looking ahead to some kind of future state and then tracking back through the stages needed to get to that state.

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