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Case Studies: 0-C

Case Studies

Here you can find a variety of case studies on the subject of innovation.

Some of these are written by us, and others by collaborators and colleagues. To discuss any of these studies further please do get in touch via our contact page.



A successful innovator for over 100 years and famous for its culture of innovation.

Electronic Circuit

ABC Electronics

A case study describing the company’s moves into customisation and user engagement in product development

Hospital Hall


Audio and transcript of interview with Dr Tim Craft, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and also Deputy Medical Director of the Royal United Hospital, Bath, U.K. Tim is also Managing Director of AMS, a medical devices company specialising in anaesthesia equipment.

You can find the audio version here

And a video interview featuring Tim Craft here



A case study describing the company’s moves into customisation and user engagement in product development.

Image by Nastya Dulhiier


Exploring the company approach to change management in a major internal transition.

phones charging

Apple vs Android

Comparative study of the emergence of two dominant smartphone platforms.



A start-up in the field of sustainability, offering an alternative to plastic packaging for bottled water.

You can learn more about Aquapax through their website here.


Aravind Eye Clinics

A social innovation offering low cost, safe and reliable eye surgery for the poor.



Video of an interview with Francisco Pinheiro, Strategic Innovation Manager with Atos talking about the challenges of getting innovative ideas from employees via internal online platforms in the company


Bags of ideas - the story of Margaret Knight

Case study of Margaret Knight, one of the first women entrepreneurs in the USA to successfully patent and defend her ideas.  The story explores her many innovations including the development of key process innovations for the emerging packaging industry

Mechanic Wrench

Benchmarking in the automobile industry

Describes the way in which ‘lean’ thinking evolved through a programme of systematic benchmarking across the world auto industry.


Better Place

At one stage one of the biggest start-ups in the world, trying to leverage the movement towards electro-mobiliity. It demonstrates the challenges of adoption and diffusion and some of the issues in managing a large-scale start-up venture.



A film charting the early days of a small green-grocery business moving into new innovation space by opening a cafe.  The chain has now grown to a network of 78 cafe/shops across the whole of the UK.

Rusty Old Car

Boss Kettering and the Barn gang

The story of Charles Kettering and his innovation team which pioneered key components including the electric starter.


Brighton Beard Company

A start-up business in the growing field of personal grooming products via online sales and distribution.

Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 17.53.55.png

Build Up Nepal

Born out of the challenges of creating housing solutions in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, this humanitarian innovation organization aims to scale a sustainable solution to ;provide employment and solve a housing crisis

Cash programming in humanitarian innovation

Food aid is an important part of any relief operation.  But until comparatively recently the main approach was to buy, ship and deliver food to affected people.  An innovation – giving people cash directly so they could procure food and other things for their urgent needs – was first tried in 1985 but took twenty years to diffuse to the mainstream.  This case looks at the history of this pattern of adoption and diffusion.  This case comes from a wider report looking at the Humanitarian Innovation Ecosystem - for more on this see here.


Cerulean - developing a radical innovation culture

This case describes how a medium-sized machine builder met the challenge of changing its culture.  Although an old case it still has relevance in today's context where change management of this sort is often required.


Collaborating in urgency

A case describing collaborative response to a crisis through innovation.



A detailed case looking at a major Danish manufacturer of medical devices and exploring how well they organize and manage innovation.


Connect and develop at Procter and Gamble (part 1)

A case pack with a variety of resources describing their ‘Connect and develop’ programme.

Part 1 explores their journey towards developing a radically different model for innovation in a 200 year-old business


Connect and develop at Procter and Gamble (part 2)

A case pack with a variety of resources describing their ‘Connect and develop’ programme.

Part 2 explores the journey towards maturity, looking back over twenty years of the programme



Looks at how the company has built a strong position through innovation management over many decades.

Team work

Crisis Driven Innovation

A study on crisis-driven innovation as the process of rethinking and recombining in creative ways to create a crucible out of which novel innovation trajectories emerge.



A report, by Howard Rush and Puay Tang of CENTRIM, looks at the innovation race in the shadowy world of online crime..

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