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Case Studies: d-f

Case Studies

Here you can find a variety of case studies on the subject of innovation.

Some of these are written by us, and others by collaborators and colleagues. To discuss any of these studies further please do get in touch via our contact page.


Denso Systems

Video of an interview with Emma Taylor of Denso Systems talking about some of the challenges in empowering and enabling employees to become part of a sustained innovation effort across the organization.

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DJI Drones

Case study of DJI, the world's largest manufacturer of drones and a powerful player in the related industries around control and equipment for unmanned aerial vehicles



Case study highlighting some of the challenges in developing and then growing an entrepreneurial business into a globally successful player.


Eastville Community Shop

An example of social entrepreneurship in action and explores the motivations and experiences of a group who set up a local community shop. There is also an activity linked to this case.


Electroco (Siemens)

Case study of Siemens, the giant  electrical company which looks at their innovation capability mapped against the framework model in ‘Managing innovation’.

Hospital Employees

Enabling Innovation in a Hospital Settings

An interview with Kyle Stewart of Torbay hospital in which he explains the challenges in stimulating and enabling innovation within a healthcare setting.

Wild Mushrooms

Espresso Mushroom Company

Start-up in the sustainability space, using waste coffee grounds to help grow gourmet mushrooms.

Scenic Bike Ride

Evolution of the bicycle

Explores the ways in which innovation follows a pattern of fluid state followed by the emergence of a dominant design.

Doctor and Patient

Experience-based design in healthcare

An interview with Lynne Maher, formerly Head of Innovation at the UK National Health Service Institute for Innovation and Improvement talking about experience-based design and other approaches to innovation in the health sector.

Making food

Exploring futures in the Irish Food Board – Bord Bhia

Audio and transcript of an interview with Helen King talking about the use of futures techniques for the Irish food industry.


Failure to learn from failure

A case describing problems at a major UK hospital Trust.



Case exploring an innovation project failure within the US FBI and the learning process which followed.


Finnegan’s Fish Bar (video)

Video looking at how a small catering company made use of the 4Ps approach to exploring innovation space.

Fresh Bread

Forte’s Bakery

A medium sized family‑run business which specialises in the wholesale supply of bakery products to the airline industry. It describes their approach to continuous improvement and employee involvement in innovation.



Start-up focused on the personal fitness space.

Light Bulb

Frugal Innovation

Report looking at the concept and offering some examples from around the world of applying this alternative approach to innovation.



Looks at how Fujifilm responded to the major changes in the photographic industry as a consequence of the emergence of digital imaging.

Futuristic Tunnel

Future Agenda

New perspectives on the future gained from multiple expert discussions around the world.

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