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Case Studies: J-L

Case Studies

Here you can find a variety of case studies on the subject of innovation.

Some of these are written by us, and others by collaborators and colleagues. To discuss any of these studies further please do get in touch via our contact page.



An innovation lab specialising in service innovation, offering a space in which service providers from a variety of sectors can prototype their ideas with users.

Basket of Bath Accessories

Kao Corporation

This is a case about Japan’s largest soap and cosmetic company.

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Kodak - Leveraging knowledge assets to create new innovation space

Case exploring how the company is trying to survive the problems which took it to Chapter 11 bankruptcy by leveraging its knowledge assets in different market spaces.

You can find the audio version of this case here

Bright Idea

Kumba Resources

A study exploring high-involvement innovation at Kumba Resources.

Computer Learning

Learning networks

Learning is often involved as a ‘by-product’ of network activities – for example, emerging through exchange of views or through shared attempts at problem-solving.  

Image by Omar Flores


Lego has come a long way from a traditional toy manufacturer in Denmark to being a global player in the highly competitive world of children’s toys and entertainment.  This case highlights some of their innovation history and gives some insights into how they coped with the significant challenge of a digital world colliding with their traditional physical toy world.



Social innovation platform aimed at connecting communities around their schools.


Liberty Global

A study looking at high involvement innovation within a large organization using a collaboration platform approach.


Lifeline Energy 

Case describing the emergence of a social enterprise. The origin of the organisation was in providing low cost radios to improve education and communication amongst disadvantaged populations and this was reflected in the earlier name, Freeplay. Currently the organisation provides a wide variety of support in the field.

Website; Presentation; Podcast

Cleaning Hospital Room

LifeSpring Hospitals

A study on user-driven innovation in the healthcare sector.

Light Bulbs

Lighting industry

A case study of innovation patterns in the lighting industry.

Vintage Cars

Local Motors

A case exploring a vibrant community of enthusiasts sharing ideas to co-create cars and other vehicles.

Image by Charles Postiaux

London Bridge isn’t falling down

History of the Templar family and the construction of innovation ecosystems over three generations in order to successfully scale their ideas.


Lufthansa Systems 

A case study exploring employye involvement in innovation through the use of platforms and other tools.

Warm Lights


Case of a social venture which started with providing lighting solutions in energy-poor contexts and has grown to an international business with a variety of products, using a ‘buy to share’ approach.

You can find the audio version of this case here

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