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Case Studies: M-O

Case Studies

Here you can find a variety of case studies on the subject of innovation.

Some of these are written by us, and others by collaborators and colleagues. To discuss any of these studies further please do get in touch via our contact page.

Light Bulb Poster


Looks at the evolution of the Marshall Group of companies form their early beginnings in the motor trade at the turn of the twentieth century to a strong position today in global aerospace. It highlights the importance of learning and capability development in innovation strategy.

Ice Blocks

Meltdown in the ice industry

A short case looking at the challenge of discontinuous innovation in the 19th century ice harvesting industry.



Video and transcript of interview with Melissa Clark-Reynolds discussing her start-up in the sustainability space creating a computer game to help educate children about sustainability.


Model T Ford

A case exploring the innovations which led to the transformation of the automobile industry from a specialist luxury field to a mass market product sector.

You can find the audio version here



This is an interview with Suzana Moreira of Mowoza. Originally  set  up  as  a  way  of  connecting  migrant  workers  with  their  families  back  home  and allowing  cash  transfers  to  support  purchase  of  food,  books  and  other  needs,  the  business  has developed   into   a   a   simple-to-use   mobile   commerce   service;   conveniently   and   efficiently givinginformal cross-border traders instantaccess to products and services.

Mobile Phone


  A case study of the development of mobile money in Kenya, a social and commercial innovation which is transforming the way in which the financial system operates.

Two Electric Guitars

Music industry

Looks at the dramatic recent shifts in the music industry driven by technological and social innovation.

Natural Cosmetics


Case of a Brazilian company which has grown significantly on the back of providing sustainable cosmetics products and related services.

Website on Laptop

Netnography as a market research tool

Michael Bartl of Hyve explains how they use this approach to help uncover novel insights for clients in a variety of sectors.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram


Hospital network in India which makes use of frugal innovation approaches to provide reliable, safe low cost heathcare even across complex operations like paediatric heart bypass surgery.

Image by Thai Nguyen


Managing Innovation Platforms: The Nokia Solutions and Networks experience.

Insurance Agent

NPI, Cardiff

A medium-sized insurance business and their approach to enabling employee involvement in the innovation process.

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Novo Nordisk

Learning to look – stakeholder innovation in Novo Nordis.

Boxing Gloves

One Fighting Championship (OneFC)

Video of an interview with Victor Cui, founder of this successful start-up in the  sports entertainment space.

Home Nurse Making Bed

Open Collective Innovation

The power of the many over the few.


Open Door

A study on innovation in the UK healthcare sector.

Open Book

Open innovation

Video of interview with David Simoes-Brown of 100% Open, a consultancy specialising in innovation brokering and support in this space.

Reading Map on Mobile

Ordnance Survey

David Overton talks about the UK's Ordnance Survey, a government body which is responsible for maps and geographical information.  You can find a transcript of the interview here.

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