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Here you can find I've written (or co-written) on the subject of innovation.


Managing innovation - integrating technological, market and organizational change (7th edition), 2017

Our core textbook on the subject which has an extensive library of online support resources

and an Instructors Guide.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship (3rd edition), 2015

Our main book on entrepreneurship.


Creativity for innovation management, 2017

(with Ina Goller)

This book focuses on what we know about creativity - at individual, group and organizational level - and how we can put that knowledge into practice.  It offers insights and activities to help develop creative capabilities


Riding the innovation wave, 2017

An in-depth innovation history of the Hella company, once a start-up in the early days of the automobile industry and now one of Germany's top businesses, a major global player in car electronics and lighting


Responsible innovation in digital health, 2019

(with Tatiana Iakovleva and Elin Oftedal)

Based on a major international research programme this book explores some of the challenges opened up by the huge potential which digital technologies offer in healthcare.  In particular the book focuses on the possibilities for patient inclusion in the innovation process

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Entrepreneurship, 2018

Successful entrepreneurship requires a specialized mix of innovation, drive, business acumen, and communication; an entrepreneur sees the potential and pitfalls in any idea, and understands the product, the market, and the business climate well enough to make smart decisions for the venture. This book is designed to go beyond the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and help readers develop the critical foundation referred to as “entrepreneurial thinking.”


Strategic operations management, 4th edition, 2018 (with Steve Brown and Fu Jia)

Strategic Operations Management, 4th Edition, shows how vital it is to have world-class operations management in any organisation. This new edition pays equal attention to manufacturing and service sectors. It includes numerous references to, and discusses, major changes taking place in the business world, including 3-D printing; virtual organisations; Cloud – Big Data and the Internet of Things; Servitization, global markets, ongoing innovation and managing within complex supply networks. Cases are included from a range of settings across the globe.

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