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You can find a wide range of my video material on my             YouTube channel here .

Below you can find interviews with people from a wide range of backgrounds who have been kind enough ti share their experiences of trying to wo with innovation...

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Postcards from the open innovation frontier

An interview with David Simoes-Brown, Founder of 100% Open. The ideas behind 'open innovation' aren't new - innovation has always been a multi-player game. Smart innovators recognise that 'not all the smart people work for us' and have been exploring ways of managing knowledge flows in to and out from their organizations. David has been involved in this journey form the earliest days of experiments at the turn of the century and in this interview he shares some of the emerging lessons and good practices which he has observed.    


Working with open innovation

Earlier interview (2008) with David Simoes-Brown (see above) – interesting in terms of what has shifted and what remains constant in the open innovation landscape.  



Connect the dots - an interview with Catharina Van Delden

Bicycles weren’t always around and perhaps it’s worth reflecting a little more on their history, not least because it can teach us some useful lessons about innovation. In particular how (or not) to manage it for impact and scale. 


Managing innovation – an interview with Catharina van Delden

Innosabi is a successful software business in Germany, offering support for agile innovation to a number of organizations - see for details of their company. Catharina founded the company ten years ago and it has grown to over 50 employees, winning a number of awards along the way for being one of the best start-ups in the country.

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Managing humanitarian innovation - an interview with Abi Taylor

Abi is Innovation Manager at the Humanitarian Innovation Fund, one of many organizations trying to provide focused support and funding to innovators working in the humanitarian field.


Building an open innovation ecosystem

 An interview with Christoph Krois, Open Innovation Manager at Siemens in which he talks about the opportunities and challenges in deploying open innovation across a large transnational company.

Natalie Turner Keynote Speaker (2).jpg

Yes - You Can Innovate! An interview with Natalie Turner

Natalie Turner is a writer, speaker, innovation consultant and coach. In this interview we explore some of the core themes in her book 'Yes you can innovate' and look at some of the challenges facing organizations trying to innovate in today's complex and difficult environment. 


Collaborative innovation

An interview with Sarah Kelly, Senior innovation Manager, Liberty Global. One of the challenges facing innovation managers is to help create the kind of culture in which innovation becomes 'the way we do things around here'. It's easy enough when you are working with a specialist team of innovation professionals - but what happens when you try to involve the whole workforce?


Innovation in healthcare

An interview with Lynne Maher, Clinical Director for Innovation, Ko Awatea, Auckland, New Zealand. Innovation in healthcare affects us all. And implementing change in such a complex system is often difficult. In this interview Lynne reflects on her extensive experience of trying to manage and enable innovation in a number of different settings and shares some advice for others working in the sector. 


How to build a hyper-connected community

An interview with Gaurag and Divya Garg, founders of LetsLocalise. LetsLocalise is a digital platform that responds to the increasing funding shortages facing schools in the UK, by seeking to connect them with the untapped goodwill within their local communities. It began life in the Wokingham area, a small town to the west of London - but their ambition is to scale the venture, establishing it as a key social resource across the country. 


'Totaled' and the story of Better Place

An interview with Brian Blum about his book. Better Place was one of the brightest start-ups in the electric vehicle space, looking to offer a revolutionary approach to range anxiety through a network of battery swap stations. But despite backing at the highest level and huge financial investment it failed. Brian's book describes this and explores why. There is a case study of Better Place to accompany this interview and explore the wider background


Sustainability and innovation

An interview with Michael Pitts of InnovateUK, the government agency responsible for innovation promotion in the UK. He talks here about the key challenges which sustainability poses for innovation management and explores some of the approaches his organization is taking to help. An interview with Michael Pitts of InnovateUK, the government agency responsible for innovation promotion in the UK. He talks here about the key challenges which sustainability poses for innovation management and explores some of the approaches his organization is taking to help.  


Engaging users in innovation – the Patient Innovation platform

Short interview with Pedro Oliveira explaining the ideas behind the Patient Innovation platform, its progress so far and plans for the future.


Tidewave – the story of a start-up

This is part of a series of interviews with the founders of Tidewave, tracking their journey over time from start-up to successful launch and beyond. 


Innovation leadership

Writer and director Piers Ibbotson (formerly with the Royal Shakespeare Company) talks about leadership and innovation.


Managing innovation

An interview with Patrick McLaughlin, Managing Director, Cerulean. In this video Patrick talks about the challenges of organizing and managing innovation in a medium-sized manufacturing business. He looks at issues like the challenge of search and selection of projects and particularly the difficulties of enabling a radical innovation culture. 


Fishing for ideas - an interview with Francisco Pinheiro, ATOS

In this film Francisco explains a little of his role as a 'fisherman' for ideas, as part of his activities in strategic innovation within the company. 


Engaging employees in innovation

An interview with Emma Taylor, DMK. Employees represent a rich potential source of innovation - but we have to find ways of ta[ping in to this potential. In this interview Emma talks about her experience in a large automotive components company trying to increase the focus on innovation.


Netnography and other new approaches to market research

 An interview with Michael Bartl. In this film Michael, one of the founders of innovation business Hyve talks about some new approaches to working with online communities to help search for innovation opportunities

Doctor and Patient

Improving patient safety

Interview and case example of process improvement innovation to deal with the challenge of anaphylaptic shock.

Doctor's Appointment

Process innovation in a hospital setting

Two doctors talk about their experience in introducing process improvement innovations in Torbay hospital in the UK.


Enabling healthcare innovation

An interview with Kyle Stewart of Torbay hospital in which he explains the challenges in stimulating and enabling innovation within a healthcare setting.


User-led entrepreneurship

Interview with Mandy Haberman, founder of Haberman Global Innovations. Mandy Haberman is the epitome of a user innovator. Her first invention, the Haberman® Feeder, was the result of her very personal experience as a mother to a child with Stickler Syndrome. Frustrated with the options available to feed her daughter, Haberman innovated. Her story is not a unique one. Patient innovators ‘solve problems in a practical way’ regularly, as a response to their own particular needs. However, it is a complex process to take those products to market and diffuse them to the mainstream.  


Challenges in innovation strategy

Interview with Armin Rau, responsible for innovation strategy at SICAP, a spin-off from the Swiss telecomms player Swisscom. Explores key themes around innovation strategy.


Challenging innovation

Interview with Victor Cui, one of the founders of One Fighting Challenge (OneFC) a mixed martial arts promotion organization which has grown to be the largest in Asia.


Supporting social entrepreneurship

An interview with Simon Tucker. Simon was Chief Executive of the Young Foundation when this film was made. In it he talks about social innovation and how to support it, and the challenges facing entrepreneurs interested in contributing to social change. 

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