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You can find a wide range of my video material on my             YouTube channel here .

And below are various pieces of video covering innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Managing innovation

A longer film explaining why we need to manage innovation as a process and outlining a model for doing so.

Managing knowledge spaghetti 

Opening up innovation opportunities in a knowledge-rich world.

Exploring innovation space

John explaining the 4Ps approach and how we can explore innovation space.

Innovation - Converting Knowledge to Value

John Bessant keynote speech at Liberty Global Tech Summit discusses Innovation and how we can convert Knowledge to Value.

Outside in

A series of short films on user-led innovation (introduced by Natasha Kaplinsky and produced by ITN/ISPIM).

Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4.

European Network of Living Labs conference, 2020

Keynote and opening session , European Network of Living Labs conference, 2020. 

Frontiers of innovation management

John being interviewed by Catharina van Delden, 2017.

Trends in innovation research

Trends in innovation research – interview 2019.

Managing innovation 

Managing innovation – interview, 2015. 

Managing at the innovation frontier

Postcards from the edge  Keynote at University Industry Innovation Network, 2015.

Selection and implementation of innovation

Selection and implementation of innovation interview, 2015.

Scaling innovation

Online speech to All-Island innovation programme, Ireland, 2020.

The innovation journey

Interview for My Social Start-up. 

Innovation adoption

Innovation adoption – interview, 2015.

Managing innovation

Managing innovation – interview 2017.