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My current research

My current research

These are projects I'm currently working on.....

Wooden Games


An Erasmus + project looking at the way in which games can be sued to help learn about and epxlore innovation management

Image by Diego PH

Releasing the power of users

Users can play a key role in innovation but we need to explore how they can be brought in to the process.  this project is exploring ways in which this might be enabled through co-creation laboratories

Image by Joshua Earle


What will the future of teaching and coaching of innovation look like in 2030?  And how migth we prepare to this, building resilient models to enhance our practice in helping people learn about the subject?  This collaborative project is exploring these important themes.

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

Teaching and coaching in innovative fashion

This project explored different ways in which we might approach the challenge of teaching and coaching in innovation management.  It spawned a number of continuing strands of research including GAMIFY, storytelling and innovation theatre....

Growing Plant

Scaling innovation in the humanitarian sector

This project looks at how to move beyond a successful pilot solution to scaling - and how to use and present evidence to support the process

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