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This is where you can find some fun stuff - songs, sketches and other sideways glances at innovation management...

Illustrated Musical Instruments

Why bother with user innovation?

Continuing my quest to put key themes in innovation management to music here's a sideways look at why organizations should look again at the value users can bring to their innovation process....

You can find the lyrics/transcript here

Theatrical Mask

Sources of innovation

Where do innovations come from?  Research suggest that there are many different sources, some working to create opportunities ('knowledge push') and some channeling various kinds of demand signal ('need pull').  This song offers some ideas about the different ways in which innovation can be triggered......

You can find a transcript and video version here....

Idea 2


There's plenty of discussion about early adopters and other  segments of the population in terms of their approach to adopting new ideas.  But this song looks at the other end of the spectrum - the 'laggards' for whom any kind of change is not necessarily welcome....

You can find the lyrics here:



Users are often a very powerful source of innovation - providing we listen to them!

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