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John Bessant video library

You can find a wide range of my video material on my             YouTube channel here .

Below you can find a wide variety of videos made by other people which give us useful insights into managing innovation.

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ISPIM – the International Society for Professional Innovation Management – has a rich library of innovation-related materials including interviews, keynote speeches, webinars and tool explainers. 

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Frank Piller

In this interview Frank discusses some of the opportunities and challenges in mass customisation

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Clayton Christensen on how to build a disruptive business

This is a talk given at a start-up conference which explains in his own words the core themes in his theory of disruptive innovation


Melissa Schilling’s YouTube channel

Melissa Schilling’s YouTube channel is a rich source of video around the theme of innovation strategy.


Eric von Hippel

Eric von Hippel, Professor, MIT Sloan School of management, share various very useful media resources exploring the concept of user innovation.


Nick Himo, The Happy Startup

Nick Himo, The Happy Startup, talking about the 4Ps and innovation space. 

Sync Up

Innocent Smoothies, Redgate Software,...

Innocent Smoothies, Redgate Software, Devon and Cornwall Police, and The Met Office. A video detailing four examples of workplace innovation.


Adam Grant

TED Talk – ‘The surprising habits of original thinkers’


Alex Osterwalder

In these videos Alex Osterwalder explains the basic ideas behind the ‘Business Model Canvas’.


Amy Edmondson

TED Talk – ‘Building a psychologically safe workplace’.


Angela Duckworth

TED Talk – ‘Grit: The power of passion and perseverance’.


Anil Gupta

TED Talk – ‘India’s hidden hotbeds of invention’.


Aravind Eye Clinics

Three videos on Aravind Eye Clinincs (Video 1; Video 2; Video 3), alongside Thulasiraj Ravilla’s TED Talk ‘How low-cost eyecare can be world-class’.


Arunachalam Muruganantham

TED talk on user needs and innovation in low income settings, ‘How I started a sanitary napkin revolution’.


Astro Teller

TED Talk – ‘The unexpected benefit of celebrating failure’.


Charles Leadbeater

TED Talk – ‘The era of open innovation’.


Chris Anderson

TED Talk – ‘How web video powers global innovation’.


Jane Chen

TED talk on social innovation, – ‘A warm embrace that saves lives’.


Jimmy Wales

TED talk – ‘The birth of Wikipedia’.


Ken Robinson

TED talk – ‘Do schools kill creativity?’


Nandan Nilekani

TED talk by the co-founder of Infosys, ‘Ideas for India’s future’.


Nirmalya Kumar

TED talk by professor of Marketing at the London Business School, describing four types of ‘invisible innovation’ currently coming out of India, – ‘India’s invisible innovation’.


C.K. Prahalad

Opportunities at the bottom of the pyramid’ – This is a video of a talk given at Maastricht School of Management in 2008 in which he sets out some of the strategic opportunities opened up in the bottom of the pyramid space.


Grameen Bank

A video case study on Grameen Bank, ‘The Bangladeshi Economic Innovator Lifting People From Poverty’.



FT industry editor Peggy Hollinger talks to John Neill, chief executive of Unipart, about the logistics group’s methods for improving productivity, including a ‘university’ and ‘faculties on the floor’ for continuous training and monitoring.


Ray Anderson

TED talk by the founder of ‘Interface’ on building a business around sustainable innovation, ‘The business logic of sustainability’.



A video about ‘Samasource’, a social enterprise that gives work to impoverished people around the world, founded in 2008 by Leila Chirayath Janah). And also here from a user perspective.


Stephen Johnson

TED talk – ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’.


Tal Golesworthy

TED talk – ‘How I repaired my own heart’.

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