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A letter to Innovation Santa

Ten essentials for an innovator’s Christmas list…

Christmas, as my 6 year old never tires of reminding me, is coming. Never mind that technically it’s a month away and forget the efforts I make, Scrooge-like, not to allow any trace of the season to cross our threshold until at least 1st December. She excitedly points out that everywhere — the TV and online adverts, the shop decorations, even some of our early bird neighbours with their flashing light displays — everywhere the signals are unmistakable. ‘It’s nearly here!’

Which prompts her to write lists, long and getting longer, of gift ideas in case Santa is short of the relevant information about this year’s must-have items without which a six-year old’s world can never be complete. I feel like King Canute, water lapping around my ankles as I desperately try to stem the tide, inevitability fast approaching on my horizon.

In a desperate attempt to distract myself from these seasonal waves I began thinking about the kind of list I might put together for a would-be innovating organization. Assuming there was an innovation equivalent of the old gentleman at the North Pole what might he be working on with his elves right now? What are his stock-pickers pulling off the warehouse shelves and loading up on the sleigh? What might be on the must-have list for an innovation Christmas? So here’s the result. If you’re looking for inspiration for your seasonal innovation shopping here’s a few ideas that might help. (And if you believe in an Innovation Santa they might be useful items to add to the ‘what I’d really like’ list you’re about to send up the chimney)

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