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Diving deep for innovation...

For many years Gavin McClafferty was Innovation Manager with Subsea 7, a major player in the highly specialised world of deep-sea engineering services. Laying down and looking after pipelines and cables thousands of feet below the surface of some of the world’s roughest water poses plenty of innovation challenges. And solving them is something which requires focusing as many creative minds as possible.

Gavin’s experience in taking an open collective innovation approach, drawing in ideas and experience from a wide network spanning many different sectors convinced him of the value of this approach. It led him to set up his own company specialising in enabling connections, brokering innovation conversations and bridging between technical worlds. Tapping into this emerging model of collaborative innovation has helped unlock value running into millions of dollars and creating thriving networks of ideas between sometimes unlikely players.

In this interview he talks about open collective innovation and some of the challenges in enabling it.

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