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Pathways to scale

Why planning your innovation expedition helps avoid a lot of windswept trouble on the journey…

Taking an innovation from a small-sized success story to something which delivers value at scale is not an easy one.  The Holy Grail of impact has a lot in common with that elusive quest pursued by King Arthur’s knights, taking them along strange paths, meeting with dragons and disasters and lasting a long time.  Similar odds of success too. 

Having spent a long time focused on the challenges facing start-ups the innovation spotlight is now moving to the question of scaling – and there’s a helpfully growing body of knowledge and codified experience around this theme. Including the important decision about which route to take for the journey to scale.  

Choosing your preferred pathway to scale is a key first stage on the journey; fortunately there’s a wealth of experience available from previous attempts and some important lessons on which we can build.  In particular we need to see the choices available as lying on a spectrum where we trade off additional external involvement with giving up a degree of control. 

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