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Peter Pribilla meeting Rome

Beautiful location and some inspirational discussion at this 9th meeting of the Peter Pribilla network. (Click here for more details of the organization which works on themes around innovation and leadership).

Highlights were:

Lynda Gratton previewing her new book on ‘The Hundred Year Life’ – what will it mean when we can routinely live to be 100 years old or more?  What implications will that have for the worlds of work and employment, what skills might we need, what networks and what resources?

Helmut Schoenenberger talking about the new ‘TechShop’ which he is opening on the campus of the technical University in Munich as part of their huge entrepreneurship centre, UnternehmerTuM.  This will offer , following US examples, a wide range of prototyping tools and an environment where people can ‘build their dreams’

Albert Heuberger of the Fraunhofer IIS (the place which invented the mp3) talking about ‘Joseph’s’ – a new shop about to open in the centre of Nuremburg where people can come in and try out product and service ideas in prototype form, co-creating and crowdsourcing  around new technologies.  ‘Rapid social prototyping’ was one of the phrases used – certainly sounds intriguing and worth a closer look – see here for more details.

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