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Releasing the power of users

Why healthcare innovation is increasingly going to depend on the insights of patients...

These days there are very few certainties but this is one of them. We’re all going to depend increasingly on health innovation for the quality of our future lives. Keeping ourselves healthy, coping with chronic ailments, living into old age with dignity and independence. We all want this — and we’re going to need all the help we can find to help us get there.

Which helps explain the huge and growing healthcare industry and the explosion of start-ups in this space. Healthcare innovation matters.

But look again at that first paragraph. This is not a sector we can be entirely objective about, looking in through the window at it. It’s about us, it concerns each of us as individuals, with all the diversity that implies. We all have a stake in healthcare innovation but we’re also aware that one size isn’t necessarily going to fit us all. So there is real scope for our voices to be heard and our ideas to be used. A classic opportunity for user innovation.

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