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Innovation Tools

As someone working or studying in the field of innovation, you probably already know that there exists a wealth of tools and techniques to help you find your way through the innovation maze.


Decision Matrix

A simple tool which can be used to help in this process of choice.

Image by Victor Malyushev

Delphi Method

Making long-term forecasts and revealing how new technologies and other factors could trigger discontinuities in technological trajectories.

Ferris Wheel

Deming Wheel (PDCA)

A tool for establishing a systematic approach to sustained improvement.

People and Flower Graffiti

Design thinking

Design thinking (DT) is a popular and widely-used framework approach to creativity.


Discontinuous Innovation Audit

This tool focuses attention on some of the important areas of discontinuous innovation management.


Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

A tool for combatting assumptions.


Empathic Design

A tool for exploring how people behave in the context in which the product under question is being used.


Entrepreneurs audit

The simple self-assessment tool focuses attention on some of the important areas of innovation management. 

Mood Board

Entrepreneur’s storyboard

A tool to help develop ideas and bring others into the process through the sue of storytelling approaches, building your ‘innovation story’ up, step-by-step.



A collection of methods originally developed in the field of anthropology through which observations are made about how people actually behave in context.

Image by Justin Luebke


This is a tool developed in the field of quality management which systematically tries to imagine different ways in which a system might fail and then puts in place contingency plans for avoiding it or minimising the risks associated with it.

1Untitled design.png

Fishbone Chart / Cause and effect diagram

This participatory exercise explores the links between the effects and the possible causes of an issue.

Image by Tony Hand

Five Forces Strategic Analysis

This is a simple map that represents the competitive strategic battlefield in terms of five forces that interact to shape the challenges for firms.

Analyzing the data

Force Field Analysis

Force Field Analysis (FFA) is a technique for formally listing and analysing the various forces acting in a given situation, or affecting a given problem.


Frugal Innovation

This is an approach to innovation which is based on the principle of simplification – finding solutions to a problem which solve the problem but without adding unnecessary costs or adding unwanted functions.

Archaeological Map

Functional Mapping

A tool for establishing what and who will need to be involved in order to create innovation.

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