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Innovation Tools

As someone working or studying in the field of innovation, you probably already know that there exists a wealth of tools and techniques to help you find your way through the innovation maze.

Image by Kelsey Weinkauf

Market segmentation

A widely used set of tools which sharpen the focus on which users or customers and their characteristics should be considered in thinking about needs and innovation


Mind Mapping

A tutorial for how to mind-map – a tool for exploring and structuring ideas.



An approach to problem solving which involves becoming aware of the wider context and reframing the problem



A tool to help with creative problem solving.

Digital Work Life

Morphological analysis

This process, drains the swamp, so to speak, by systematically arranging appropriate and promising aspects of the situation and combining them just as systematically in order to identify new and suitable combinations.


Net promoter score

A powerful market research tool, originally developed by the consultancy Bain and Co and widely ued to explore market potential and performance

Image by Viktor Forgacs

Open innovation audit

This simple self-assessment tool helps you reflect on how well developed these capabilities are in your organization and suggests what you might do to strengthen them further.


Outcome Driven Innovation

This approach – of identifying the ‘jobs to be done’ – is at the heart of outcome driven innovation (ODI). 

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