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Innovation Tools

As someone working or studying in the field of innovation, you probably already know that there exists a wealth of tools and techniques to help you find your way through the innovation maze.


Value Analysis

An approach to improving the value of a product or process by understanding its constituent components and their associated costs.

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Value Curves

A tool which offers a way of exploring where and how to differentiate products or services to create strategic advantage.

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Value network mapping

We need to recognise different players in our innovation network and the roles which they play.  And we need to understand and manage the relationships with them so that our innovation system works well together and the ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.


This tool involves analysing the ‘value network’ in terms of 9 key roles, looking at the nature of the current relationships and then developing a strategy to strengthen to overall network.


Value stream analysis

A tool for analysing cost/waste or value within the stages of a business.

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Voice of the customer (VoC) tools

A set of tools for listening to and making use of customer/user feedback in the design and development of innovations

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