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John Bessant video library

You can find a wide range of my video material on my             YouTube channel here .

Below you'll find links to cases which explore innovation.

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Image by Eva Dang

London Bridge isn’t falling down

A key innovation lesson for any innovator is to make sure you think about systems even at the outset. This film looks at an example of such system thinking across three generations of a British family - the Templers - who built a sophisticated logistics system enabling the transport of granite from faraway Devon to the capital. And helped ensure London bridge was well built and remains standing to this day (albeit in a slightly different location!)

Strawberry Cake

An innovation birthday card

July 1995 and in south-west Germany a revolution is born. The algorithms behind audio compression may seem an unlikely place for a world-changing innovation to emerge but the development and diffusion of the mp3 rewrote the rules of the music industry and laid the foundations for wider changes in films and video. This film looks at the innovation history of this technology.

Urban Biking

Birth of the bike

Bicycles weren’t always around and perhaps it’s worth reflecting a little more on their history, not least because it can teach us some useful lessons about innovation. In particular how (or not) to manage it for impact and scale. 

Image by Karen Grigorean

Sweeping the floor with innovation

Innovation often makes us think about dramatic shiny new products emerging from high tech sectors. But we shouldn't forget that even the most mundane context can provide the trigger for change - and that change can have significant impact in our lives. As this tale of the humble vacuum cleaner explains.... 

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