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Creating value from ideas


Managing Innovation is an interactive hub for all those interested in creativity, entrepreneurship and the process of managing innovation.

Here you’ll find a wide range of resources to help explore and engage with the challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship – and we’d be glad if you’d also share your own.  Feel free to click on the links to explore and do let us know what else we might offer.

  • If you’re involved in any kind of teaching, training or coaching around innovation and entrepreneurship you might find the Innovation Supermarket worth a visit.

  • If you’re interested in following a course or developing your knowledge and skills around innovation and entrepreneurship you might find the Craft of Innovation useful.

  • And if you’d like to book me for a lecture, speech or some other innovation-linked work please contact me here.

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to the Innovation Supermarket! 

The idea is simple – just as you might go shopping before putting a meal together, throwing various items in your trolley as you browse the shelves so here, you can find all sorts of resources to help with teaching/coaching innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Choose from a range which includes cases, tools activities, games, video, audio and all sorts besides.  Feel free to wander the aisles and pick whatever you need…

Here you'll find stories about individuals and organizations and can learn through their experience.


Tools give us ways of working with innovation and entrepreneurship.  This area offers a rich variety of toolkits to help deal with many different challenges.


Sometimes we need to play around and explore concepts  - and this area has a rich variety of activities and exercises to help you do so.


Explore this area to find a wide variety of audio-based material and podcasts around the innovation and entrepreneurship theme.


In this area you can find a wide variety of short and longer video material covering innovation and entrepreneurship.


As the name suggests this area has my books, papers, reports and other work. Feel free to browse the shelves...

Craft of innovation
Learn with me

I've been teaching and coaching innovation for over thirty years and have put together a course which builds on that experience - I've called it 'The craft of innovation'  and it features videos, audio, cases, tools and activities all focused around learning to manage innovation and entrepreneurship.

Click on the button or email me for more details

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