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Activities: 0-C


Here you can find a variety of activities on the subject of innovation. They range from individual projects and reflection frameworks to group level activities suitable for workshops or classroom settings.

Alarm Clock

60 minute MVP

A fast and fun way to explore the challenges in agile implementation - and generate plenty of experience around which to reflect.  Click on the image for the group activity, and click here for a version designed for individual use.

Image by Hayley Kim Design

The creativity gym

A range of activities designed to enhance and develop creative skills


Accelerating Diffusion

An activity linked to the Accelerating Diffusion Tool, applying it to a range of hypothetical scenarios.



An activity to help in creative problem solving.



An activity to help explore different ways of protecting intellectual property

Architects Planning

Architectural and component innovation

An activity for identifying architectural and component innovation, and the implications of each type.

Lunch Bags

Bags of ideas

This activity is designed to help you explore knowledge push as a source of innovation.

Group of Colored Pencils

Blocks to Creativity

An activity for identifying various categories of blocks to creativity.

Colorful Bubbles

An activity linked to the ‘Bubble Charts’ Tool, applying it to a hypothetical scenario.

busy office

Business Model Canvas

An activity using the Business Model canvas framework, and working backwards to understand an existing business more fully.

Successful Meeting

Business Model Innovation

An activity using the Business Model canvas framework, and working backwards to understand an existing business more fully.

Image by Katt Yukawa

Changing Business Models

An activity for exploring how and why business models change.

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Classifying Business Models

An activity for classifying various types of business models.


Classifying innovation

An activity for classifying innovation using the 4Ps framework.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Costs and revenue in business models

Choose a product or service which you have consumed recently.  Try to set out the underlying business model. 

Image by Nejc Soklič

Competence Enhancing & Competence Destroying Innovation

This is an activity designed to explore patterns of innovation over time and across industries.


Competitiveness profiling

A powerful tool for picking up signals for innovation involves creating a simple profile of how your products and processes match up to what the market wants and what your best competitors can offer.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Creating value through innovation

An activity exploring the ways in which a new innovation might create value.

Image by Dragos Gontariu

Creativity matters

An activity that helps you to come up with creative solutions.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Creativity Quiz questionnaire

Creativity Quiz questionnaire.

Cheering Crowd

Crowdfunding as a selection tool

Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular as a way of opening up a market for ideas.  This activity explores the role it can play in innovation selection

Colleagues at Work

Crumbling Cement Company

A role play designed to explore issues around innovation strategy

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