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Innovation courses...

Innovation courses are a bit like London buses - you wait for ages and then two turn up at the same time!

I’m launching my own integrated course, linking video, audio, text, images and lots more to try and capture the essence of what I’ve been teaching/coaching for a long time. You can find ‘Mastering the craft of innovation’ here - and check out the first module free.

And I’m also launching an audio only course, aimed at the growing number of people who like to listen and think whilst they’re doing something else - walking, driving, cooking, cleaning, ....... The people at Listenable approached me and I thought it might be interesting to try and create something along these lines - you can find it here.

In both cases I’m trying to practice what I preach about innovation - which these days means launching early and taking on board any feedback. So please let me know how you find these courses - I’m ready to listen and pivot!

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