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Activities: D-F


Here you can find a variety of activities on the subject of innovation. They range from individual projects and reflection frameworks to group level activities suitable for workshops or classroom settings.

Image by Sharon Pittaway

Destroying creativity

An activity to help reflect on the key components of an innovation culture

Image by Scott Graham

Developing a Business Case

An activity applying various questions and framework to a hypothetical business case, in order to develop and pitch it.

Desert Road

Discontinuous Innovation

This simple activity focuses attention on some of the important areas of discontinuous innovation management.

Image by Xavier von Erlach

Discontinuous Innovation Audit

This simple self-assessment tool focuses attention on some of the important areas of discontinuous innovation management. 


Dragon’s den

An activity designed around the ‘Dragon’s Den’ format.

Community Service

Eastville Community Shop Activity

An activity designed around the ‘Eastville Community Shop’ social innovation case study.

Colorful Eggs in Basket


Simple group-based activities designed to explore shared creativity and innovation implementation


Exploring Innovation Strategies

An activity for looking further at the innovation strategies of existing businesses.

Image by Levi Jones

Find a queue! 

Queues are a pretty good indicator of a process which might benefit from improvement.


Five Whys

A tool for stripping away an apparent problem to get through to the root problem.

Flow Chart

Forces for innovation

An activity for mapping the ‘driving forces’ for strategic technological innovation.

Image by David van Dijk

Frugal innovation

This is an approach to innovation which is based on the principle of simplification.

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