Here you can find a variety of activities on the subject of innovation. They range from individual projects and reflection frameworks to group level activities suitable for workshops or classroom settings.

Image by Sam Moqadam


An activity linked to the Accelerating Diffusion Tool, applying it to a range of hypothetical scenarios.

Sector Innovation Patterns

An activity for investigating how technological change can shape the competitive dynamics of an industry.

Social innovation activity

An activity designed around the ‘Eastville Community Shop’ social innovation case study.

Sources of innovation

Where do innovations come from? 

Spot the ball.

Spot the ball is a famous experiment in which an audience is invited to watch a film of a game of basketball.

An abridged version of the SPOTS Diagnostic questionnaire.

Strategic Advantage through Innovation

An activity for exploring the ways in which innovation can create strategic advantage.

Strategic Planning for Implementation

An activity for implementing a strategic plan for a hypothetical product or service.

Success and Failure Review

An activity for exploring the successes and failures of existing innovations.

Teambuilding Games

Activity - Teambuilding Games.

The way we do things around here

An activity for exploring the ways in which existing organisations innovate.

User innovation exercise

User innovation exercise.

Uses For

An icebreaker activity which focuses attention on creativity and particularly the power of groups in idea generation.

Using creativity tools

Activity: Using creativity tools.