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In this section you can find a variety of audio media on the subject of innovation.

Some of these have been created by us, some by collaborators and colleagues, and some are simply useful links from across the web. To discuss any of this content further please do get in touch via our contact page.

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My podcast channel ' Managing innovation'

This links to my podcast channel where you can find stories, interviews, songs and other material relevant to innovation management.  Please subscribe!

John Bessant Audio

Here you can find links to various audio pieces by me or featuring me

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Here you can find links to audio versions of case stories and examples


Here you can find interviews with various people about aspects of managing innovation

John - Novelties - songs, sketches

Here you can find a variety of audio material - songs, sketches and stories - which offer a sideways and mostly light-hearted look at managing innovation

Image by Daniel Schludi
Other people audio

Here you can find links to audio material by other people - podcasts, interviews, etc. - which offer helpful perspectives on managing innovation

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