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Cases and stories

Cases and stories

Here you can find audio versions of cases and stories about innovation management  - click on the links to hear more

Image by Brandon Hoogenboom

Striking an innovation chord

A short history of the electric guitar - and how innovation shaped its development over the past hundred years

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What is innovation?

Podcast version of the introduction to The Craft of Innovation

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Connect and develop at Procter and Gamble (part 1)

How a 200 year old corporation re-engineered its innovation model to take advantage of new opportunities in 'open innovation'

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Kodak's decline and (possible) renaissance

Kodak was a key player in creating the imaging industry in the 20th century but experienced major difficulties in the face of a changing market for digital photography.  This case looks at the challenges and how the comany is trying to reuse knowledge to open up new market opportunities

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Case of a social venture which started with providing lighting solutions in energy-poor contexts and has grown to an international business with a variety of products, using a ‘buy to share’ approach

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The Model T Ford

A case exploring the innovations which led to the transformation of the automobile industry from a specialist luxury field to a mass market product sector.

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Image by Chris Ried


A case exploring the 170 year innovation history of the giant German electrical/electronics company and its continuing commitment to innovation

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