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Innovation Tools

As someone working or studying in the field of innovation, you probably already know that there exists a wealth of tools and techniques to help you find your way through the innovation maze.

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Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart (A Gantt chart (sometimes called a bar chart) is a simple chart which links activities to be performed with the timing of those activities.It is a key element in project management.


High involvement innovation Maturity model

A tool to enable high involvement innovation.

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High Involvement Innovation Audit

A tool for establishing levels of high involvement innovation.


How To Statements

A tool for reframing a problem.


How Why Charts

This is a simple tool used in policy deployment to check the alignment of innovation projects.


A tool for identifying and building on strengths.


Innovation Fitness Test / Audit (Including Explanation)

This simple self-assessment tool focuses attention on some of the important areas of innovation management.

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Innovation process mapping

This tool provides a structured way of looking at the process for enabling the innovation journey inside organizations

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Innovation influence mapping

This tool offers a simple reflection on how well key enabling influences on the innovation process  are embedded within the organization

Image by Peggy Sue Zinn

Innovation model innovation

This tool helps explore where new routines might be needed to help cope with changes in the organization's innovation environment

Ships at Sea

Innovation fleet review

This tool helps explore the range of 'vehicles' needed to enable the innovation journey in a variety of different contexts

Large Theatre

Innovation Theatre

One way of exploring how the dynamics of the process work – and of finding ways in which it might be improved – is to explore it by creating and enacting it as a piece of theatre. 

Image by niko photos

Innovation trees and branches

A simple tool for analysing the patterns of innovation within an organization in terms of incremental and radical innovation

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