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Activities: G-I


Here you can find a variety of activities on the subject of innovation. They range from individual projects and reflection frameworks to group level activities suitable for workshops or classroom settings.

Watching the Game

Games for team building

There are many useful games and exercises which create experiences on which students can reflect about team working. 


Harvesting Knowledge Crops

This is an activity based on the idea of using core competencies as a source of opportunity for innovation.

Drawing & Coloring

How Creative are You

An assessment tool for creativity.

In the Classroom

How to statements

A useful tool in creative problem solving is the ‘how to’ statement which provides a powerful way of reframing the problem. 

Business Meeting

Identifying Business Models

An activity for analysing business models of existing businesses.

Nature Girl

Individual skills for creativity - reflection exercise

A framework for reflecting on your skills for creativity

Patentability Search

Identifying Innovation Capabilities

This exercise uses a technique for analysing intangible resources which is based on the identification and development of the strengths in the key product/delivery system attributes and the intangible resources which produce them.

Communicating with Sign Languages

Influencer mapping

This activity explores the role of influencers - key individuals who can shape the decision by others to adopt an innovation


An activity for exploring some of the origins of innovations.

Coach Fleet

Activity to explore the need for different vehicles within an organization to undertake the innovation journey


An activity for exploring some of the key influences on success in the innovation process

Image by Kvalifik

Innovation fitness project (individual version)

An activity for exploring how well an organization manages innovation

Image by engin akyurt

Innovation Isn’t Easy

An activity for mapping out the obstacles in the way of innovation by using some metaphors to help arrange a list of failure factors, followed by a presentation.

Bright Idea

Innovation makes a difference

An activity centred around various categories of innovation and relevant cases.


Innovation Matters

A research and presentation activity exploring why innovation matters.

Paper Structures

Innovation model innovation

Activity to explore when innovation model innovation might be needed in an organization

Image by UX Indonesia

Innovation process mapping

Activity to explore how innovation is organised as a process.

Brainstorm to Success

Innovation Success and Failure

A short activity on innovation success and failure.

Image by niko photos

Innovation trees and branches

A simple activity to explore incremental and radical innovation.  Use the tool and apply it to an organization with which you are familiar

Sunset Reading

Innovator's storyboard

Developing an innovation idea and pitching it to others is all about storytelling - a linked narrative bringing in various elements.  Try this activity to explore turning an innovation concept into a compelling story and using it to reflect on the elements you may need to put in place

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